Rocks (in the sea or on the coast), hardies, bluffs

Archway Rock A rock near Archway Cave.

The Bluff A cliff with a broad front.

The Coolers Cliffs in the sea near the East End according to Mr Roland Svensson.

Flatrocks Rocks with a flat face.

The Hardies High rocks in the sea. Also called Hardies under the Hillpiece.

Jenny’s Rock The place where Jenny Glass, William Glass’s daughter, used to fish.

Julia Reef The reef where the brig Julia was shipwrecked in 1817.

Long Bluff A long cliffy coastline.

The Needles Dangerous rocks on the west coast.

Pin Rock Rock in the sea near Hillpeace.

Redrocks Reddish rocks in the sea just north of Anchorstock Point.

Sailhardy Rocks The rocks where the Allanshaw ran aground in 189i3. The form used bu the Islanders is Sails Hardies.

Slippery Bluff Bluff overgrown with slippery sea-weed. The coastline often stands under water here.

Softrock A soft rock on the coast.

Yellow Cliff Cliffs along the coast just west of Blackcliff Point.