Holidays, parties, games

Appling days A holiday when apples are collected.

Berry time The time when the island berries are picked.

Big Heaps A lunch party.

Bioscope A filmshow.

Black Tom The name of a dance performed by two men pretending to fight.

Guisers Men dressed up in women’s clothes who go around from house to house making noises on New Year’s Eve. The are slo called mummers.

Kill a sheep This expression has become a synonym for giving a dinner to celebrate a special occasion such as Christmas, owing to the fact that mutton is much appreciated but not eaten every day.

Mummers See Guisers.

Ned A lob (in cricket).

Pillow dance One of the popular dances on the island.

Ratting days, Rat days Particular days when the islanders were engaged in the hunting of rats.

Sharing The dividing of common stores.

Spell A rest.