This year the Programme consisted of six special and commemorative issues: On the 8th of January we released four stamps showing Union Castle Mail Ships that served the island between 1915 and 1965.

We marked the Centenary of Marconi Radio Communications, with a two stamp issue released on the 28 March depicting various pieces of equipment used on the island, and Marconi himself aboard his yacht Electtra.

We joined the Crown Agents omnibus issue to commemorate Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s 70th Birthday with four stamps and a souvenir sheet….Paying tribute to the Philatelic Stamp Exhibition `Capex `96′ held in Toronto, Canada from the 8th to the 16th June, we issued a Special Souvenir Sheet depicting the British Jubilee class locomotive named after “St Helena”. In addition there are four very interesting stamps depicting the different types of Transport used for the carriage of mails.

On 12 August we released four stamps entitled “Napoleonic Sites”. Three of the stamps depicts houses where Napoleon lived and the fourth his tomb where he was laid to rest until 1840 when his body was returned to Paris. …….. The stamps are copies of the original prints held at Longwood House, Napoleon’s final dwelling place.

It is customary to release a special issue for Christmas. This year our four stamps conveys Seasons Greetings’ with scenic views set in an outline of the island, and a showy spray of local flowers in the foreground.