Radio St Helena Souvenirs – not available at the moment

Tee-shirt (in sizes S,M,L,XL,XXL) £4.00 – out of stock
Magnet £1.50 – out of stock
Key ring £1.50 – out of stock
Bottle opener style key ring £3.00 – out of stock
Coaster £3.00 – out of stock

T-Shirt will need GBPounds 2,- for airmail postage.
The other items would cost GBPound 1,- for ONE item. If ordering
more than one of these “other” items, then each additional 20grams
would cost an additional 20 Pence postage.

Payment for the souvenirs:

Below shows the bank details, which the Shortwave Listeners need
to use to purchase any 40th Anniversary items from Radio St Helena.

They MUST e-mail Laura Lawrence, RSH Station Manager, saying
when and how they have sent the money,
then RSH can confirm this with the Bank, and
then RSH will post the items.

Postage is £2 (STERLING) for one T-shirt to post airmail.
The other smaller items would cost £1 postage (for one item).
If you order more than one of the small items (like key rings),
it would cost £1 for the first small item plus an
additional 20pence per 20grams for the other small items ordered.

Contact the Station Manager of Radio St. Helena by email at: for the total cost.

Note: The Buyer MUST be certain to pay all charges involved.
Possible charges may include charges for:
— conversion of his money to Pounds Sterling and
— transferring the money to the United Kingdom.

If sending money from INSIDE the United Kingdom:

Receiving Bank:
Lloyds TSB Bank, 39 Threadneedle Street, LONDON, EC2R 8AU, UK

UK Sort-Code: 30-00-09

Beneficiary Account Name: Bank of St. Helena

Beneficiary Account Number: 02936318

Reference: SHNMS, A/C No: 20619002 with your Name

Note: This reference MUST be included;
otherwise payment will not be made.
Be sure to include your name.

If sending from OUTSIDE the UK please include:

BIC Code: LOYD GB 21013

IBAN Code: GB29 LOYD 300009 02936318

Note: It is advisable not to mention that the funds are
for onward transmission to St. Helena,
as this may cause confusion at your sending bank