Radio St Helena Day 1999, but will it be the last ??

It has been almost eight months since the 1998 Radio St Helena Day and reports are still trickling in, although a total count reveals that this amounts to just 50% of the previous year’s reports.

The Presenter of the event is still in the process of compiling an acknowledgement report, and QSLs are about to be posted.

The draws for the Lottery and the Competition are still to take place. The Lottery has turned up a few CDs for the collection, (again most of the generosity came from Germany – but acknowledgement is made of our regular contributors) and whilst there were numerous entries for the Competition there were just two correct entries. Watch these pages for announcements of the winners and other details of the World-wide Transmission.

The Station Manager Tony Leo, said today (15 June 99) that Cable and Wireless has agreed to host a final transmission, which will take place from 1900Z Saturday the 23rd of October until midnight.

This being the last transmission before the turn of the century, you will be able to hear all of the voices of the Radio St Helena presenter’s, who have all produced a World-wide Transmission. There will be lots of Radio St Helena give-aways, competitions and much more…including audience participation – Live.


Now on to more serious matters –

1999 could see the final Short-wave transmission from St Helena, an event which listeners world-wide have come to look forward to and enjoy.

The set-up for the transmission, is such, that Radio St Helena broadcasts on MW, the transmission is picked up by Cable and Wireless and then re broadcast on SSB.

However, Cable and Wireless in the process of updating their equipment will be throwing out their SSB transmitters, so goodbye Radio St Helena Day…Or what?

Well – Cable and Wireless has offered the transmitter to Radio St Helena. But this is a liability in the eyes of the management and the owners, and correctly so, as it needs upkeep, and initial installation costs will be great, so the offer has been declined at this time.

The other option – Well its left to you, the Short-wave Listeners, who can keep the show on the road.

The author of this article (Derek Richards – ARS ZD7CTO,  Presenter 1997 RSHD) is volunteering to run the station from his QTH, with the initial transmission from Radio St Helena.

The help needed would be to set-up and upkeep the transmitter, which would be used solely for the Radio St Helena World-wide Transmission or other transmissions as agreed by the inaugurates of the event, Jan Tuner and John Ekwall of the Stora Tuna DX Klub.

First impressions… Cable and Wireless transmitted the Radio St Helena Day on 11.092.5 SSB, Would we be able to continue to broadcast on this frequency? If not new crystals and coils would be needed for the transmitter that is crystal controlled for pre selected frequencies. Valves and other spares would be needed for eventualities.

Cable and Wireless is offering a Redifon G423 1.5 kW transmitter. Help would be needed with an antenna design and matching.


If the World of Short-wave Listeners and Amateur Radio Operators can help, together we can keep Radio St Helena Day Alive. The Station Manager and Staff looks for your support.

If this is not possible, then maybe someone, somewhere out there knows the whereabouts of a smaller, more modern, solid state transmitter.

Anyone who can offer any support can contact me directly. Derek Richards.

We have a few months to make our mind up and then a year to make it work.


In the meantime, clean the cobwebs out of the rig, the coils out of the coax and prepare for another Radio St Helena Day – October 23rd 1999.

Best Wishes

Derek Richards

June 1999