The sea

The Big Mail A ship bringing parcels and letters to the island.

Bubble Short swell on the sea.

Cleak A cleat.

Hallion A halliard.

Haul out To die down (of the wind).

Key-hole The drainage hole of the boat.

Line Rope, string.

Longboat Usually a twenty-seven foot boat covered with canvas.

Point To set course for.

Pommissar A keelson by which timbers of the Tristan boat were fastened to the keel.

Rolly Rowlock.

Rolly-gears Rowlock chocks.

Rought time A period of big waves.

Sail ho! The usual cry from the islanders when a ship is sighted.

Smooth time The small waves between period of breakers or swell. The islanders make use of these small waves when steering towards the shore.

Straightening boards Supporting timbers running along the sides of the Tristan longboat.

Willy, willy-nilly Violent winds causing revolving pillars of foam. The form willy is more commonly used.