Bog-Fern A tree-fern, Blechnum palamiforme, three or four feet high.

Cape-gooseberry ‘Once plentiful, now scarce’.

Diceling A dock plant

Dog-catcher A species which grows burs.

Island berry Empetreum rubrtum, a kind of crowberry.

Island tea Chenopodium tomentosum, the plant from which a substitute for tea is made. Cf Fleshie’s tea.

Island tree Phylica arborea. This evergreen tree, which grows on the bas and the cliffs, reaches about fifteen feet in hight.

Mary A chrysalais

Peak berry A red crowberry found on the mountain. It’s a variety of the Island berry. Its Latin name is Empetrum rubrum var. tristanitorum.

Prickle-bush Gorse

Sea-beans The seed of a South American tree, washed up on the shore and picked up by the islanders.

Sourgrass A sorrel, Rumex angiocarpus. This name is used for Rumex acetosa in Norfolk and Yorkshire.

Suckies Flax sticks

Tussock A tall grass up to eight feet high, Spartina arundinacea. Tussock grass is recorded in OED from 1842 (but observed by Earle in 1832). Tussock grass the name of Aira caepitosa. The name is due to its growing in tufts or tussocks.