People, the community

Blow-up A young man.

Buddy The word is use for brother, probably introduced from American English.

The Chief The chief representative of the islanders.

The Council A council of islanders was introduced by the Rev. Partridge in 1932.

The Eight The eight members of a group of men who owned the bulk of the cattle in Stony Beach.

The family The word is used on Tristan in a very strict sense, referring to the married couple and their unmarried children A family my consist of one person, e.g. a widower or a widow.

Fardie A godfather, s.n. ferd, fard ‘worthy man, good man’.

The firm The whole group of islanders as an economic unit.

All hands The whole community. This is orignally a nautical term. All hands: the whole crew. The expression all hands is first recorded in island use in Earle (1832).

All hands’ thing An object said to belong to the whole community.

The House Sometimes a group more extensive than the family, if one or more young relatives are adopted from another family into the house.

Madish A godmother.

The men All the grown-up men on the island.

The old hands The forefathers of the islanders.

To be sergeants To be god friends.

The station people A group consisting of the general authorities of the island; the Administrator, the doctor, the schoolmaster, the missionary, the agricultural officer.

Tiddy A sister.