Blender A submerged rock. The word is a corruption of blinder, which is now commonly used.

Blue-stone A massive, hard kind of stone used as building material.

Bluff Cf the Bluff, a cliff with a broad front.

East-west The system of using the concepts east-west is rather peculiar. East means ‘clockwise’ and west ‘anti-clockwise’, if the Settlement is taken as the starting point.

Gulch A narrow and deep ravine. It is a common name element on the island.

Gully A small gulch.

Gutter A narrow grass-covered ravine.

Hardy A high rock in the sea.

Nighted ‘To be nighted’ is to have to stay over night in the open air on the island. ‘To be nighted on the water’ means ‘to have to stay overnight in a boat’.

Orchard Refers to a shelter gully with apple trees. Cf Miah’s Orchard Gulch and Betty’s Orchard Gulch.

The outside world The old expression used by the islanders for the world outside Tristan da Cunha.

Over there This expressions refers to the excursions made to the islands of Nightingale and Inaccessible.

Road Outside the Settlement this word indicates a path.

Sleeper An outlying pinnacle of rock in the sea.

Soft-stone A soft volcanic rock, large blocks of which earlier used for building houses on Tristan.

Watron This word (‘watering’) means ‘a small stream’.

Yard This word refers to a small enclosure with stone walls with one open end.