Gulches, valleys

Anchorstock Gulch The small gulch near Anchorstock Point where the First, Second, and Third Gulches meet.

Berry Gutter Mentioned as a natural descriptive name by Crawford, with no indication of locality.

Big Gulch Runs to Phoenix Beach.

Big Sandy Gulch Runs to Boatharbour.

Cave Gulch Runs to East Beach in the south.

Caves Gulch Runs to the Caves in the north.

Deep Gulch This is the big gulch running in the direction of Lyon Point.

Dockel Gulch This name is a mystery.

East-End-of-Sandy-Point-Gulch Runs to East End of Sandy Point.

East Stony Gulch Runs to the Pool.

The Fall Gulch Runs to the Fall.

Fem’s Gulch This name remains a mystery according to Crawford.

First Gulch The First, Second and Third Gulches run parallel to each other towards Anchorstock Point.

First Lagoon Gulch Runs to Farmost Point or Rookery Point. Also called Rookery Gulch.

Flat Gulch Runs to Long Bluff.

Gipsy’s Gulch The name is after a dog called Gipsy that met its death here.

Goat’s Road Gulch Runs towards Pike’s House.

The-Gulch-came-down-the-west-side-of-the-Ridge-where-the-goat-jump-off Nowadays also called Goat’s Road Gulch.

Hottentot Gulch Runs towards Hottentot Point.

Jew’s Point Gulch Runs towards Jew’s Point. It is the lower part of Morgie’s Gulch

Jones’ Gulch This name commemorates the landing of Captain Jones of the Joseph Somes. Cf. East End of Jew’s Point.

Knockfully Gulch The origin is unknown. See Knockfully Ridge.

Little Sandy Gulch Runs south of Knockfully Ridge.

Miah’s Orchard Gulch The name is after a certain Jeremiah, who planted apple trees in this gulch.

Middle Stony Gulch Runs between East and West Stony Gulch. It is also called Betty’s Orchard Gulch.

Molly Gulch Runs towards Gane’s Beach. The name is probably from the bird, mollymawk.

Morgie’s Gulch Runs towards Jew’s Point.

Pigbite Gulch See Pigbite.

Plantation Gulch Runs parallel to Pigbite Gulch.

Round Hill Gulch Runs east of Round Hill.

Second Gulch See First Gulch.

Second Lagoon Gulch Runs to East End of Jew’s Point.

Shirt-tail Gutter A gulch where Charles Green’s shirt-tail onced caught fire.

Third Gulch See First Gulch.

The Valley The valley on the south side of Knockfully Ridge.

Wash Gulch Runs in the direction of the Patches.

Washout Gulch Runs towards Halfway Beach.

West Stony Gulch Runs towards Sedal Bay.

Where-Times-fell-off-gulch This name commemorates a dog (named Times) that was killed here.

Wide Gutter This name is mentioned by Crawford, under natural descriptive names but is not indicated on any map. It runs near Stony Beach.