Big Heaps A lunch party.

Black cake A fruit cake.

Bread In the early part of the twentieth century the word bread in Tristan speech signified ‘ships’s biscuits’.

Cabbage brady A cabbage dish with fried meat.

Cake This word corresponded to ‘bread, roll’

Fanni’es tea This drink made of boiled water and milk is also called fancy tea (name is from an old lady named Fanny).

Fleshie’s tea This drink is a sudbstitute obtained from the Island tea, Chenopodium tomentosum, one of the wild plants growing on Tristan.

German’s nuts A kind of potato pudding baked in the form of round cakes. The name is from a man who was called ‘German’.

German’s rice Grated potatoes boiled to make a kind of porridge.

Old Tom A sour cider made of the apples grown at Sandy Point.

Plunies A kind of sausage often used as travelling provisions.

Pot-all-of-kinds A fruit salad.

Pumkin brady Boiled pumpkins mashed and eaten with potatoes.

Pumkin turn-over A cake filed with punpkin.

Salaradus A carbonate of soda for making bread.

Scouse A drink of milk and the yolk of two or three eggs boiled in it. It is a shortening of lobscouse ‘a sailor’s dish consisting of meat stewed with vegetables and ship’s biscuit or the like’.

Sugar teat Some sugar in a pice of cloth is used to stop the crying of the babies.

Teem Pour out (tea).

Tristan pudding A suet pudding with raisins and currants.