Daily work

Basket As much land as is required for the planting of one bushel of seed potatoes (c. 100 sq.m)

Big-part The solid plank that serves as a base of a spinning wheel.

Bosom of eggs When an egg shirt (see Clothes) is filled with eggs of penguins, it is called a bosom of eggs.

Bus A wheelbarrow.

Carding gang Party of women carding and spinning.

Cut-ups Portions of Shearwater meat or Molly legs and breasts.

Dong An old naval shell case used by the islanders as a gong.

Egg trip See Molly Egg-time

Fat trip Expedition to Nightingale in March-April which the islanders undertake in order to hunt ‘for fat’, i.i. the young birds.

Grassing The cutting of the grass.

Grease To grease the wool is to spread the tufts of wool on a table and por some fat over them, before the carding of the wool begins.

Gummy Fat of a poor quality from the Grat Shearwater.

Haish! ‘Go on’ (to bullocks).

Headen A wooden block which supports the spindle of spinning wheel.

Kettle A saucepan.

Kraal A small enclosure in which the sheep are penned for the night. It’s also called a lamb-house. Kraal is a loan-word from Afrikaans.

Lamb-house This is another word for kraal. The word indicates that this type of enclosure was earlier a roofed hut.

Mollybags Bags in which the mollymawks are carried home after being skinned.

Molly egg-time The period of the year around October 1st when the eggs of the mollymawks are gathered.

Patches Potato Patches, i.e. small walled-in square areas.

Rider A branch of a tree used as a foundation for loads of wood drawn by a team of oxes.

Spading The digging of the potato patches.

Stretch Enlarge, e.g. the church.

Tailing Breaking or cutting off the tails of the crawfish before canning.

Tassels-mats Typical mats made of the yellow plumes of the penguins. The plumes are called tossels or tassels.

Tier This term indicates four rows in the Potato Patches (see above).

Train A cart.

Try out To extract oil from blubber by frying. Cf Trypot, a district where blubber used to be melted down.

Turn in To lock up the calves in a small cave on the beach.

Turn over To drive the cattle from one pasturage to another.

Tussock-hook A short hook made of ship iron for cutting the hay.

Twisting A method of catching birds with a tussock stem.

Working days This expression is used in the special sense of days when the family employs outside workmen or hands.

Worming The removing of the guts of the lobsters before canning.