Ammuntions Heavy leather boots

Blood-shirt Jacket or shirt used by the islanders when the kill animals or carry carcasses on their backs.

Brookies Brief or pants.

Cappie Head-covering worn by girls. It is probablu a loan-word from Afrikaans (may have been introduced by Maria Magdalena Leenders).

Checks-board One of the three standard patterns in knitting apart from the ordinary plain knitting.

Egg shirt A loose overshirt in which eggs of penguins are collected.

Gansey, ganzey A knitted pullover. Cf guernsey ‘a thick, knitted, closely-fitting vest or shirt made of blue wool, worn by seamen’.

Hangchers The national head-dress for the women, a bright multicoloured scarf.

Jacket A blouse, when used of a woman’s garment.

Mark, marking Below the border of the edge of knitted socks certain marks or stripes of coloured worsted are placed. Marketing-worsted is used as a name of such worsted.

Step-stitches A standard pattern in knitting.

Tackies Running shoes.