Black Eaglet This is the name of the Great-winged or Long winged Petrel, Pterodroma macroptera, eaglet is a corruption of haglet, a name signifying a common name for Petrels among American whalers, s.n. Black haglet.

Blue Nighthawk The Kerguelen Petrel.

Canary This is the local name for the Tristan Bunting, Nesospiza acunhae, which is now extinct on Tristan but still found on Nightingale. There are two distinct forms of the Nesospiza finches. Some people recognize the difference and call Nesospiza wilkinsi, Big Canary or Big-billed Canary.

Cape Hen The White-chinned Shoemaker. The name is from South Africa op. cit., s.n. Cape hen.

Cape Molly The Black browed Albatross. Flying Pinamin The Tristan Diving Petrel

Gony The Tristan Wandering Albatross. Gutter-Snake The American Purple Gallinule.

Island Cock The Inaccessible Rail. People on Tristan also use Inacces­sible Island Cock and sometimes Roger. The Latin name of the bird is Atlantisia rogersi after the Rev. Henry Rogers who discovered it in the 1920’s. The Tristan Island Cock The Tristan Coot, now extinct on Tristan­ is a different bird. Its Latin name is Porphyriornis nesiotis.

King-Bird The Tristan Tern.

King Penguin A big species of Penguin.

Largest White-breasted Raglet See White-breasted Black Eaglet

Littlest White-breasted Haglet See Nighthawk.

Mollyhawk, Molly The yellow-nosed albatross or Mollymawk. This bird plays an important role in the life of the the eggs and the bird itself are used for food. The season for the eggs is the Wolly Egg-time at the beginning of October and the hunting season is February-March. Mollymawk is a loanword in English (

Mutton Bird Another name for the Black Eaglet.

Nellie The Giant Fulmar. It is also called the Stinker on the island.

Nightbird The Broad-billed Whalebird.

Nighthawk This name usually refers to the Soft-plumaged Petrel, for which also Whistler and Littlest White-breasted Haglet are used. It is also another name for the White-breasted Black Eaglet

Pediunker The Great Grey Petrel.

Peeoo The Sooty Albatross. This bird is also hunted on the island. The name is imitative of the typical cry of the bird.

Petrel This is the local name of the Greater Shearwater. Petrel which has been reported is probably identical with the Blue Nighthawk.

Pinamin The Rockhopper Penguin. The penguins were earlier most useful to the Tristanians, because oil could be extracted from the blubber and mats or ‘tassels’ from the Yellow plumes. The Pinamin is also called Jumping Jack. Cf. also Flying pinamin.

Ring-Eye The spectacled Shoemaker. The name Ring-Eye alludes to the white streaks round the eye of the bird.

Roger Another name for the Island Cock.

Sea-hen The Southern Skua.

Skip-Jack The White-faced Storm Petrel. Elliott, 44. The bird is also called White-faced Skip-Jack. Cf. Storm Pigeon. Skip-Jack is also found in South African English. S.n. Skip-Jack.

Starchy The Tristan Thrush.

Stinker Another name for the Giant Fulmar. It is also used in South Africa. S.n. Stinker.

Storm Pigeon The White-bellied Storm Petrel. White-bellied Skip-Jack is the island name.

Tree-nestling Wood-Pigeon The White-capped Noddy. Not identified.

Whistler The Dusky Shearwater. See also Littlest White-breasted.

White-breasted Black Eaglet The Atlantic Petrel. It is sometimes called Nighthawk. Also the name Largest White-breasted Haglet.

Wood-Pigeon The Brown Noddy.