Hi Dawn,

1963 – when the Tristan people arrived to their homes after 2 years in the UK after the eruption in 1963

dragging the longboat ashore – here

loads of luggage to take care of – here

More common ones

a normal schoolday (1979) for children inside the school – here

view of a typical Tristan (1974) home after reroofing from grassroof – here

the heart of Tristan da Cunha – the peak with its crater lake that very few (outside Tristan) has visited during all the yearshere

This photographs has been taken by the Swedish artist Roland Svensson during his visits – credit him or www.sthelena.se – and has never been showned to others than Tristaneers and close family friends. During the past years I have been digitalizing all his images from Atlantic islands – Ascension – St Helena and especially Tristan da Cunha. More on Roland’s art can be found on www.sthelena.se or www.rolands-art.org

John Ekwall, Sweden