Reception in Sweden this special evening.

Transmission beamed to New Zealand (180 degrees) at 1800 was very well heard in Sweden on various locations.I have checked with persons and different places. Best reception was in southernmost Sweden. In Norrkoping good with various local disturbances. A recorded message from The Governor – Mr Michael Clancey – was heard followed by several wellknowned tunes -Waltzing Mathilda – The Beatles etc. Some prerecorded messages was heard. I had the opportunity to speak to both Mr Robert Kipp and Mr Anthony Leo (former Stn Manager) and wished them success in the very early minutes of the broadcast. At the end of the programme promotion was made by The Postmistress for the new stamp release.

Transmission beamed to Japan had almost the same good quality as the first transmission. A recorded message from the Japan Shortwave Club was heard. Interview with Mr Otaki (made at the DSWCI meeting in May 2006). Just before 2100 – Mr Michael Martineau spoke about the Napoleon Museum at Longwood. Reception in Irkutsk – Robert Ross in Canada – in Netherlands also good reception – as well as in Portugal. Short part of Rolling Stones. Good reception in Germany – Wolfsburg as well as in Vietnam. A greeting was send to Sweden and Lennart Deimert and Jan Tuner – cofounders of R St Helena Day in the early 90ies!! Later on call from Athens. Reception in South Americas. This broadcast ended at 21.47.

Tony Leo started the Europe-transmission after the traditional “Life on the ocean waves”. Then Robert Kipp with some greetings from Japan – Finland – Netherlands – Norway – USA – Japan etc. John Ekwall made a telephone call to the station. Very good signal in Germany. A list of listeners from the Scandinavian were mentioned by Tony Leo. Robert had a greeting in German. Tony Leo greeted Danish Shortwave Clubs International.

Made a check with receivers around the world – best next to southern Sweden was Rochester in NY-state at 2240.

A German CW was heard then greetings to German DX-clubs – Harald Kuhl. Also heard in Ecuador. A thank to Andrew Weir shipping for the logistics to made this event possible. Announcement in French ” Ici Radio St Helena (not Radio Saint Helene as expected) followed. Celine Dion in French then. Interview with the French Consul on the island – Michel Martineau – the curator of the Napoleon Museum on the Longwood Plateau. Members of DSWCI were mentioned – among others Anker Petersen – Bent Nielsein – Erik Koie – Tor-Henrik Ekblom etc… Shakira sung then after greeting to Japan. Beverly Francis – St Helena’s Postmistress – about St Helena stamps. A greeting from Frankfurt Main Club in German (30 years this year). Presenters during the first halfhour was Tony Leo – then Ralph Peters followed by Laura Lawrence. Robert Kipp said goodbye after this 90 min transmission and hope that everyone had enjoyed this “R St Helena Revival Day 2006”.

Antenna moved for the North America – so signal now much poorer in Sweden at 23.29 but 2 min later back in good signal strength and started with Peter Gabriel. Governor Clancey with his speech.

Sorry readers – must end here this long evening after almost 5 hours listening to R St Helena. Time 0043 in Sweden.