RSH Day Revival Project Update June 2006

The month of June has been very successful. With the invaluable technical help of  DJ0KM ,  Don Taylor, of Garant-Funk (see “CQ-DL”, 7/2006, p.475),  we were able to conduct a full power transmission under the exact conditions waiting for us at R. St. Helena. We transmitted with 1000 Watts output in USB into a huge dummy load. The modulation was examined and found to be excellent. The entire shortwave broadcasting facility, with the one exception of the 3-element beam antenna, will be shipped to St. Helena via England at the beginning of July. After the antenna tower arrives on the island, the foundation for the tower will be built. After I arrive on the island, the entire facility will be put together and tested.

Our plan is to REVIVE the world-famous “RSH Day” shortwave transmissions in USB on 11092.5 KHz on Saturday, 04. November, 2006 at the “usual” UTC times with broadcasts first to Europe and then to North America (just as in the 1990’s). However, we also plan to broadcast on Sunday, 05. November, 2006 at about 0800 UTC. We plan to first broadcast directly to Japan and then, immediately thereafter, to New Zealand. The exact UTC-times are not certain as yet. The exact beam directions (long or short path or both) are not certain as yet. These Sunday programs will be the usual complete programs and may be “one-time-only” programs. They will also be as a “Thank-you” to the Japan Short Wave Club for their  tremendous  help in making these “RSH Day Revival” broadcasts possible and to the New Zealand Radio DX League for their support over the years.

The Project is absolutely on track to meeting all of our goals. The only big question mark still left is paying all the bills for the equipment and the transportation to St. Helena island. The project costs are about Euro 12000 , and so far we have donations of equipment and money with a value of about Euro 3000.  As you can easily see, we still need a lot of financial help, and I am asking you all to contribute.  On our web page,    under “Donations” are listed our bank accounts in USA, UK, and EURO-Land.  Thank-you one and all for your help and  possible donations.

With very best greetings,

Robert Kipp 

Project “Revive RSH Day”