The Dream

We all now have a singular chance to take part in the revival of the famous international, multi-media (Telephone, FAX, Email), listener-interactive (in real time) shortwave broadcasts from Radio St. Helena.

The CEO, the Board of Directors, the Station Manager, and everyone even remotely connected with RSH is hoping very much indeed that we will be successful in this venture. We Friends of RSH will, however, need to fund this “Project” entirely by ourselves.

When these world-wide transmissions stopped in late 1999, the old transmitter and the complete antenna system with towers were scrapped. We are starting with only a dream, but quite often, dreams do become reality.

A technical concept for our “Project” has been decided upon and resembles a high-powered amateur radio station. After many discussions, specific equipment has been selected and suppliers have been found. Used equipment is being sought, when possible. To cut transportation costs, the heaviest items are being sought in the UK.

We are hoping for the donation of two used amateur radio transceivers such as the Yaesu FT-757GXII or similar. If you can help, please send me an email.

This is OUR opportunity to say, “RSH, that’s MY station!” The revival of the shortwave programs would spread the word of this wonderful and historic island and lead to increased commerce, trade, and tourism for St. Helena, especially when the planned airport becomes operable. Together we all can make this dream a reality. Let’s do it! Let’s put RSH back on the shortwaves! More soon.

Robert Kipp