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St. Helena
South Atlantic Ocean

Telephone +290 4669
Fax +290 4542
Telex 4202 GOVT HL
Station Manager:
Tony Leo



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Radio St Helena Day 1999,  will be the last !

This may be the last time I write a piece concerning our World-wide Transmission for the Radio St. Helena Web Page.

It is rather sad but true that on 23rd October 1999 Radio St. Helena will broadcast to the world for the last time. The story behind this is that the company who owns the Transmitter that is used for our shortwave broadcasts, Cable & Wireless PLC, stationed at the Briars, St. Helena, has decided to dispose of this particular piece of equipment because of its age and the unavailability of spare parts. It is being replaced by a small transceiver to operate at a short distance and cannot be used for the same purpose of transmitting to the world.

At the old transmitter - now to be junk

All of us are deeply sorry that these transmissions have come to an end so soon, but it just had to happen. We have heard screams from regular listeners who have testified that they will drum up support to purchase a new Transmitter and have it placed on St. Helena especially for the purpose of transmitting once per year. If this is the case then I wish them the very best of luck.
As Station Manager I can truthfully say that I have thoroughly enjoyed broadcasting, speaking to you in person on the telephone during the phone-ins and generally giving a hand where its needed on the busy nights of past transmissions. Since the start of these broadcasts, we have always celebrated at the end of the evening with a big party and this year will not go unmissed.
I know that many of you are still awaiting a confirmation letter and card from 1998. These have now been posted and I hope that you will receive it intact. I have learnt that some of the cards we sent last year did not reach their destination. I can only assume that it they have been lost somewhere in the post.
I sincerely hope that this year’s final transmission runs smoothly and will be remembered for many years to come.

The drawings of the Quiz and CD-lottery

We have built up quite a Library of compact discs from all over the world since running a lottery and I thank all of you for your participation in this respect.
His Excellency Governor Hollamby has only been in office for a very short period of time. I took the liberty and asked his wife Helena if she would agree to draw the lucky number for the Competition winners, as well as the Lottery winners. She made no hesitation and the draw was made on Thursday 9th September near the fireplace in the drawing room of Plantation House.

There were three questions to be answered.
What is St. Helena’s national bird? Answer: The Wirebird.
What Currency is used on St. Helena?
Answer: The St. Helena Pound.
Who was the name of the presenter of the first world wide transmission from this station? Answer: Joy Lawrence.

Here is the list of winners of the Competition:
Mickey Delmage of Canada won First Prize.
Michael Enos of the USA won Second Prize.
Joe Pugitt of Florida is the winner of the third prize. Congratulations to all winners.

Running a Lottery last time was quite exciting and brought into our library 26 new Compact Discs. Josef Zimmermann of Germany won the first prize, Rudolf Krumm from Germany was the second winner and the third prize has been won by Michael Menx of Germany. Their prizes are now being posted.

I hope that those of you who are able to tune into this final
transmission will also enter this year’s Lottery.
Please pack any discs between two pieces of card as post protection as many discs have been damaged as a result of just putting then in an envelope, many thanks in advance.

By the time you have sight of this document, plans for 23rd October are well in progress and everyone is hoping for good conditions on the night or day, which, of course, depends upon which part of the world you are listening at the time.
The program content for 23rd October will mainly consist of music but will be dispersed with information, talks, interviews, a competition and your telephone calls which will be given shorter airtime. This will be announced on the program and has become necessary so that we don’t get international calls at the start of the program which will disrupt the flow of the planned menu. We will accept Fax reports throughout the duration of the program as well as E-mail. The address is as follows:

Fax number is +290 4542,

E-mail is

Here below is a photo of the WW-studio.

These place will be crowded on Oct 23rd

Finally, I would like to thank everyone who has commented, assisted, contributed in any way and supported these past world wide transmissions. None of which would have taken place if it wasn’t for the persistence of John Ekwall and Jan Tuner who hatched up the idea in the first place in 1990. We are also very grateful to Lennart Deimert for his services of setting up a web page on the internet and also administering the same. Thanks Lennart for selling St.Helena.

Having said that, if Cable & Wireless hadn’t been in the picture, then there would not have been a transmission at all. They have been instrumental in assisting us throughout the years with the loan of their shortwave transmitter for which we are grateful.
If you require any further information before the transmission then please contact me by email. The very best of luck for a good Radio St. Helena Day, 23rd October 1999.


Station Manager, Radio St. Helena.

December 7, 1999