The Project


Our “Project” to put Radio St. Helena back on the air on shortwaves and to revive the famous “RSH Day” interactive broadcasts is still a dream, but day by day this dream is coming closer to becoming reality.


Anyone who has attempted to put together a 1000 Watt amateur radio station with an outdoor antenna system will appreciate the difficulties. We need a receiver, a separate 100 Watt transmitter, a robust 1000 Watt linear amplifier, a sturdy antenna for 27 meters, a heavy-duty rotor, various special cables, an SWR-monitor, a power meter, and a 13 meters tall antenna tower. In addition, about 2.5 cubic meters of expensive concrete for the tower is almost essential. Add to all that the transportation costs for the ship from England to St. Helena, and the fact that the ship only visits England twice per year. On top of all that, we need to coordinate this “Project” more or less remotely from a distance of several thousand kilometers and to turn every coin over twice before we spend it.


We are hoping for the donation of two used amateur radio transceivers such as the Yaesu FT-757GXII or similar.  If you can help, please send me an email.


This is quite a nice “Project”, and amazingly, it is proceeding fairly well! This may be the first time ever that radio friends have actually helped to build “their own” shortwave radio station! This is really a unique experience. However, without your many donations and some sponsors, we will not be able to succeed. RSH still needs a lot of help from us all. Let’s do it!

Let’s make this dream become reality.   More soon.


Robert Kipp