An Update

Back in September we requested email support for the famous RSH international, multi-media, interactive shortwave broadcasts.  Many many thanks to one and all who sent their opinions. World DX Club (USA) (Rich D’Angelo), Jerry Berg (USA), several individuals in USA, DSWCI (Anker Petersen) (Denmark), New Zealand Radio DX League (Mark Nicholls), North Otago Branch of NZRDXL (Peter Grenfell), Australian Radio DX Club (John Wright), J. Palmer in the Western Cape (South Africa), W. Salmaniw in British Columbia (Canada), British DX Club (Dave Kenny), Benelux DX-Club (H. Poortvliet), and individuals in Germany, Spain, and Chile. Those are just the ones who copied their emails to me; I assume that several more sent their emails only to RSH.


Ralph Peters, the station manager of RSH; showed / read many of these emails at the Board of Directors meeting at the end of September. Ralph and the Board were “amazed and very pleased” with the world-wide support for RSH. At the Board meeting on 28. November, the issues were again discussed in detail.  On 15. December, Mr. Vernon Quickfall,  the CEO of RSH,  wrote to us on behalf of the Chairman of the Board of St. Helena News Media Services (the owner of RSH).  The international SWL-community was thanked for all their support and efforts. The Board would welcome our “Project”, but the economic situation on St. Helena is such that the Friends of RSH around the world would have to finance the “Project” entirely on their own.  Therefore, it is now up to all the many Friends of RSH to try to put St. Helena back on the shortwave map of the world. Our “Project” to try to revive the RSH broadcasts on shortwave has really just started.  RSH needs a great deal of help from all of us!   More soon.


Robert Kipp