ASCENSION NEW BOOKS 1.        Anon Birds of Ascension: A Short Introduction. 17pp illus pamphlet.      3.50 2.        Ascension Hist Society Gallery of Photographs, Old Documents and Other Memorabilia: Catalogue. 1985. 222pp, ringbound rpt. Detail of items held on Asc      8.00 3.        Ashmole, P&M St Helena and Ascension: A Natural History.  See under St Helena    34.00 4.        Avis, Graham Ambles with Avis. Asc.Heritage Soc.  Nd.  Set of 3 double sided encapsulated sheets with map of Georgetown and historical notes.       5.00 5.        Bartlett, L S Ascension Island. Author was resident magistrate 1934-36. Copied from 1960s typescript. 40pp      6.50 6.        Bingham, John & Jane Inshore Sea Life Ascension Island. Asc Heritage Soc 2002.  23pp A4 booklet. Each fish illustrated in colour.      7.00 7.        Cable & Wireless Ascension Island: 100 Years of Communications. 1999.  14pp. Full colour illustrated.    5.00 8.        Cavana G & Hall E Ascension Island Cookbook 1997.  114pp of recipes with sketches and historical notes. Ringbound with colour card covers.  9.00 9.        De Saint Pierre, J H B Voyage to the Isle de France, the Isle of Bourbon and the Cape of Good Hope. With early descrip of Asc. AES 1999 reprint of 1800 ed.  11.00 10.    Ghione, Sergio Turtle Island: A Journey to Britain’s Oddest Colony.  Penguin 2002. Turtle man’s amusing account of Ascension.  158pp. 14.50 11.    Grossmith, F The Sinking of the Laconia: A Tragedy of the Battle of the Atlantic. Watkins 1994.  Ascension connections.  236pp, illus. 19.00 12.    Hook, Timothy J Fishing Ascension Island South Atlantic Ocean. Tightline 2001.  56pp illustrated booklet.  7.00 13.    Huxley, R C Ascension Island and Turtles: A Monograph. Asc Heritage Soc, 1997. Contains new material from Govt archives. 30pp, illus.   4.00 14.    Large, Tony In Troubled Waters: The Story of a South African at War who Survived the Sinkings of Both HMS Cornwall and the Troopship Laconia. Paul Watkins 2001. 194pp, illus. With refs to Ascension   22.00 15.    Leslie, Edward Desperate Journeys Abandoned Souls: True Stories of Castaways and Other Survivors. H. Mifflin, 1988. Inc story of Asc castaway, St H coffin escapee etc. 586pp paperback, illus. 13.00 16.    MacFall, Neil Ascension Island Walks Book.  1998. Ring-bound booklet, colour card covers. Details of all the letterboxes and associated walks.   4.50 17.    Nettleship D.N. et al (ed) Seabirds on Islands: Threats, Case Studies & Action Plans. 1994. Inc “Seabird Conservation & Feral Cats on Ascension” – N.Ashmole, + C.Verdes, Madeira etc. 318pp p-back. (Day 617). 25.00 18.    Ovington, J A Voyage to Surat in the Year 1689. AES 1994 reprint of 1929 edtn. Ed H Rawlinson.  Chaps on Asc & St H.  Description + origins of  population, turtles and the Asc post office. 313pp, illus (Day 64). 10.00 19.    Packer,  J.E. A Concise Guide to Ascension Island South Atlantic. 3rd Ed, 1983. Principal guidebook. 54pp, illus. Photocopy reproduction.    5.00 20.    Packer, J. E & L. Contributions Towards A Flora of Ascension Island. 1997. Plant history and description with checklist. 67pp, ringbound with illus   5.00 21.    Weaver, B A Guide to the Geology of Ascension Island and St Helena. 2002. Ringbound, illustrated, 44pp.   7.00 22.    Zodiac Magazine Ascension Number. Dec 1923.  The Cableman’s Staff Paper. Great detail with photos and text.   Photocopy.. 35pp.   4.50   MAPS AND CHARTS   23.    01:25,0 Single sheet, Edn 4, OS 1992. Colour. 84 x 87 cm. (Day 161)   9.00 24.    A3 poster Ascension Island: What’s So Special? RSPB, 1997. Colour front with map and photos. B&w reverse with natural & historical info.   2.50 25.    01:50,0 1993. MOD map in colour on A4 showing elevations and main features.   3.50 26.    03:14,5 Small format coloured sheet, Edtn 3, OS 1972.   4.00   POSTCARDS   27.    Tourism set of 10 cards. Drawings of turtle ponds, Green Mt, land crab, wideawake tern, donkeys, RMS St Helena, RAF Tristar, the Residency, Red Lion, Islander Hostel.    3.50 28.    Island of Ascension 4 cards by Bingeman and Bones. Features map of Asc with overlain photos of island scenes.  2.00 29.    Judges set 1 (7 cards) (c15361-c153677): Pierhead, Turtle Shell Beach, Coconuts, View from Green Mt, Comfortless Cove, Donkeys, View from Cross Hill.  3.00 30.    Judges set 2 (7 cards) (c16059X-c16065X): Turtle, Underwater life, Scouts Path, Devils’s Riding School, Long Beach, Georgetown/Cross Hill, Dew Pond.  3.00 31.    Judges set 3 (4 cards) (c16743-c16746): English Bay, Eastern point, 2 Boats, Sisters Pk.  1.75 32.    Judges set 4 (3 cards) (c17443x-c17445x): Sisters Peak, English Bay, Long Beach.  1.25 33.    Judges set 5 (3 + 1 cards) (c20325x-c20327x and c20775x): The Lizard, Pillar Bay, Dew Pond, Green Turtle.  1.75 34.    All the above 5 sets (25 cards).  Reduced Price  9.00 VIDEOS 35.    Henry, D & Fowler S Ascension Island. 1995. Approximately 3 hours on history and natural history. 19.00   MAGAZINES  (articles contained in full copy of magazine except where stated)   NATIONAL GEOGRAPHICS  36.    Off the Beaten Track of Empire (Duke of Edinburgh’s Tour), Nov 1957. 43pp & 17 illus including all UK S.Atlantic islands. 5.00 37.    My Home on the Oceans, July 1939, with 7pp & 7 illus inc St Helena 6.00 38.    Ascension Island: Engineering Victory, My ’44, F.Clarke, 18pp/21 illus.(Day 544) 6.00 39.    Greens Grow for GI’s on Soilless Asc, Ag ’45 W.Moore 12pp/12ils. (Day 604) 6.00 40.    Cape Canaveral’s 6,000 Mile Shooting Gallery, Oct 1959, 7pp, 3 illus. (Day 30) 5.00 41.    World-Roaming Teenager Sails On.  Apr 1969. R L Graham. Cape to Barbados with call at Asc.  33pp, 33, illus  inc 2 x Asc 1 x St Helena.   4.00 GEOGRAPHICAL MAGAZINE 42.    Ascension Island. B.Stonehouse. 114p,illus. In vol Jul-Dec1960 inc  article by H W Tilman in Crozets.  10.00 ISLANDS MAGAZINE 43.    Ascension. Jan 1998.  S Winchester.  Good photos, general description etc. 11pp. 5.00   SECONDHAND   44.    Attwood, J.H. Ascension: The Stamps and Postal History. 1981. Mint. 71pp, illus. 17.00 45.    As above but slightly torn dust jacket. 14.00 46.    Attwood, John Mail from Ascension 1817-1901. Nd. A4 illus. Card covers. 54 pp. 10.00 47.    Beale, P O Ascension Island: The Crown Agents Records in the British Library. A4 ringbound study. 12pp  5.00 48.    Beale, P O Ascension Island’s Post Office 1992-24 – Control Transferred to St Helena.  A4 ringbound study. 11pp.  5.00 49.    Clements, Rex A Stately Southerner. 1926. 191pp, illus. Chapter on Asc. No DJ. Slightly torn spine. 12.00 50.    Dixon J Arthur (publisher) Ascension Island: Portrait of a South Atlantic Outpost. 1980. Text and facing colour photos. 18pp booklet with map (Day 33).  7.00 51.    Gerbault, Alain In Quest of The Sun: The Journal of The “Firecrest”. 1929. Inc vignette of life on Asc also St H. (Day 100). 315pp, 14 photos,  map. 3 cm tear to spine. 10.00 52.    As above but “cheap edition” 10.00 53.    Hart-Davis, Duff Ascension: The Story of a South Atlantic Island. 1972. 244pp, 24 illustrations. Torn dust jacket, bookshop stamp. 20.00 54.    As above. No DJ but very clean copy 20.00 55.    Hughes, Henry Through Mighty Seas. 1941.  Windjammers out of Portmadoc in the 1890s – 3 voyages of which third was to Asc with govt stores.  Good descrip + 2 photos.  288pp, 13 photos.  Cloth boards slightly loose. 16.00 56.    As above but travel book club edition. 288pp, 13 photos.  8.00 57.    Sinclair, W E The Cruise of the Quartette.  1937.  Amusing account of S. Atlantic cruising inc call at Asc. Includes photocopy  of Bartlett’s account of visit (see no5). 287pp, illus. Rather worn.. 15.00 58.    Stonehouse, Bernard Wideawake Island: The Story of the B.O.U. Centenary Expedition to Ascension. 1960. 224pp, illus, VG with torn DJ 18.00    As above good ex-lib copy. no D/J 14.00 GRAPHIC / ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS PRINTS 59.    Graphic 1.7.1882.  Wideawakes hatching their eggs.  ½ page 7.50 60.    Graphic  24.2.1883.  Turtle catching at Ascension. 4 views. ½ page. 7.50