Letter from Tony Leo, October 25, 2000

Dear DX Listener

We do apologise for the delay in not posting you a QSL Card for our last transmission of the World Wide Broadcast ” Radio St Helena Day October 1999″.We had great difficulty in getting the cards printed on St Helena, and as a result the quality will not be as good as those previously sent which we do sincerely apologise. We hope that within the next two month all cards will be posted and you will receive yours together with any other request. Disappointing though the 1999 World Wide Transmission was the final one. Radio St Helena thoroughly enjoyed these World Wide transmission over the past 10 years, and if it wasn’t for the age of the transmitters they would still be used on future occasions, unfortunately this is no longer possible and there are no replacements available to do that particular job. Thank you for bearing with us and I hope Radio St Helena can still be regarded as a distant friend.

Yours sincerely

Tony Leo, Station Manager

The Voice of the South Atlantic Radio St Helena

Pouncys Sthl 1zz Tel 290 4669 Tel/fax 290 4542 Radio.sthelena@helanta.sh