Common name: Dwarf Jellico

Scientific name:Sium burchellii

IUCN status: Critical



Natural History

In 1875 this plant was recorded as very rare. There are number of scattered populations left growing in the wild at High Peak, the Depot, Diana’s Peak and Sandy Bay Ridge overlooking Rose Cottage.


The dwarf jellico is an umbelliferous plant which grows to a height of 0.6m. It has thick fleshy green stems which are hollow and compound leaves up to 0.3m long. The flower stem “umbels” of white flowers which produce small green fruit in the month of December. Seeds are fertile and sometimes fall onto the tree ferns where they germinate freely.


Small scattered populatrions restricted to remnant areas of high altitude vegetation can still be found growing in open areas amongst tree ferns and Black cabbage trees at High Peak and the Depot.


Action has been taken to save this endangered species by collecting seed and cuttings from all accessible population to establish stock, then establish a seed orchard in the nursery at Scotland. These plants are grown in a shade house at the Endemic nursery and seeds from these plants will be used to restock the wild population.

The Environment Conservation has set up seed orchard orchard in a shade house together with the small bellflower.

The reason for a seed orchard is in case numbers decline in the wild or become extinct we will have seed in store which will be sown and seedlings will be planted back into the accessible areas.

Seedlings have already been planted at Diana’s Peak to increase population.