This booklet emphasises the unwitting environmental destruction in the early years of human settlement in St Helena.  This destruction was compounded by inaction through several generations after the extent of the damage and its consequences was realised.

Despite this, St Helena retains its unique beauty and character.  Travel books, website pages, newspaper & magazine features and letters to the St Helena Herald are just some of the ways many overseas visitors have given testimony to the island’s singular attractions.  Hopefully, some of the photographs in this booklet give an indication of spectacular and breathtaking scenery the island offers.

It is to overseas ‘friends of St Helena’ that this appeal for donations to the Millennium Forest Project is addressed.This of course includes St Helenians now living in the UK. A donation of £5.00 means a tree will be planted in a name chosen by the donor in one of the forest plantations. A named and numbered certificate is given to each donor. A contribution of £250 ensures the planting of a plantation of 100 trees which can be dedicated to someone special or to celebrate a special event.

To make a donation, for UK bank account holders only, please make your cheque payable to

‘The Millennium Forest Project [St Helena]’ and enclose a large stamped and self addressed envelope.

Please send your donation to:

Vince Thompson, 92 Wordsworth Avenue, Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire, MK16 8RN, United Kingdom

A named and numbered certificate will be sent to you within 10 days of receiving your cheque.

Donors in other countries can make a donation to sponsor a tree or a plantation by making a Bank Transfer. Please also send your name and address by post to Vince Thompson at the address shown so a donors certificate can be sent to you.

Please click on ‘Link’ and then ‘Make a Donation’ for information on how to make a Bank Transfer.

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