Since its start in 1996 has been hosted by the “culture-server” in Malmoe (just a bridge away from Copenhagen) and a supreme support from Joergen until 2006 (when he left the company). It was he who set-up our mailing-list. Talking about mailing-list – unfortunately I had to close this down due to too much supervision for avoiding spam-attacks (Viagra etc..). Now we will have a bulletin-board (hopefully free from spams) connected to the website – read more here about the poosibilies to change views and ideas.

Ceasing the maillist gives me some extra minutes every day which I will spent to improve the website – mainly more exciting views from both St Helena and Tristan da Cunha. I also may open up an Ascension-page (just images) but I am open for every suggestion you have – so don’t hesitate – drop me a line!

John Ekwall, Norrkoping, Sweden