Radio St Helena Day 1996 Competition

Mr William McClintock of Minneapolis in the United States and Mr Jeff Lewis of Cambridge in the UK, are thte winners of R St Helena Day 1996 Competition and Mr Ulrich Berger and Klaus Winter, both from Germany, have won the Lottery Draw. The draws for these took place on Monday, 30th June.

You may recall that during the 1996 R St Helena Day world-wide transmission in October last year, shortwave listeners were invited to take part in a Competition wherby thay had to answer three questions in connection with St Helena. The first one was – What Cornish based Shipping Company manages the RMS St Helena? The answer being – Curnow Shipping. The second question was – What distance is St Helena from the west coas of Africa? The answer being 1,200 miles or 1,950 kms; and the third question was – In what year was Napoleon’s body exhumed and taken back to France? The answer, of course, being in 1840.

There were forty-six entries for the Competition from all over the world, and out of that number there were only 23 with all correct answers. The names of these were put in a hat and the first one drawn was Mr William McClintock of Minneapolis in the USA who has won a St Helena crested plaque, and the second name out of the hat was Mr Jeff Lewis of Cambridge in the UK who has won a Radio St Helena neck tie.

The CD Lottery, in which shortwave listeners were invited to send a CD of their choice and have their name entered in a Lottery, brought in 46 new Compact Discs for the Station’s music library, again from various parts of the world. As with the Competition, all the names of Lottery entrants were put in a hat and the frist one drawn out was Mr Ulrich Berger and the secon, Klaus Winter. It was a coincidence that both winners are from Germany. A St Helena crested plaque and Radio St Helena neck tie are being sent to the respective gentlemen on the next ship and all four winners will receive news of their success through the R St Helena page on the Internet.

The long period from October last year to 30th June, allowed shortwave listeners ample time to send in their entries taking into account our mail situation.

The draws were kindly done by the headmaster of St Pauls Middle School, Mr Stedson George.

Message for Mr Holterman

I write to confirm that our records show that to date (Aug 13) we have not received a reception report from you, hence no QSL sent. Please submit your report as soon as possible, before October 1997.

Tony Leo – Station Manager

If anyone knows Mr Holterman, please pass him this message/JOE

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