RSH Day Revival Project Update July 2007

More than 300 QSL has been sent out from St Helena.

Two tests has been made – one in May and one in July.

*Please note: On Tuesday 17th we will
be running a test transmission on SW &
MW Worldwide (1548KHz 194m and
11092.5 KHz USB).
This will begin in the late afternoon and
run through the late evening. Therefore,
some of our scheduled programmes are
subject to change.

Another Worldwide Test Transmission from
Radio St Helena
were very good, with signal strength
powerful enough to identify presenters and
song titles. There was difficulty in reaching
the United Stated of America, which was
unfortunate, but we will be working
around that problem before the next Radio
St Helena Day. We can confirm that the
10th Radio St Helena Day will be in
December this year. The date and times
will be confirmed at a later date. Anyone
interested in being part of our 10th
Worldwide Short Wave Transmission and
40th Anniversary of the establishment of
Radio St Helena are urged to please contact
any member of staff soon.
Radio St Helena send special thanks to
Derek, Cliff and Linda Richards, Gilbert
Legg and Tony Leo for their help with last
evening’s transmission.

More on this later.