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Denstone Expedition to Tristan da Cunha. Denstone College, 1993 account of 1993 exp. 32pp illustrated booklet. (Day 125)


Denstone Expedition to Inaccessible Island. Denstone Coll, 1983. 1982-83 expedition. 60pp illus booklet with foldout map.

Barrow, K M

Three Years in Tristan da Cunha. 1910. The deluxe edition with photo of TDC laid on the front board cloth. 280pp, illustrated. Bookplate of MJ Nichol who described TDC in his “Three voyages of a Naturalist” (see below)

Bazin, Herve

Tristan a novel. 1970. 315pp with folding map. UK ed

Booy, D.M.

Rock of Exile: A Narrative of Tristan da Cunha. 1958. 196pp, illustrated (Day 122). US edition.

Brander, Jan

Tristan da Cunha 1506-1902 1940. 336 pp, maps, illus.

Bullen, Frank

The Cruise of the Cachalot: Round the World After Sperm Whales. The story of the Desdemona which called at TDC in 1870. 1902 ed in half-leather binding. 379pp, illustrated.

Busch BC (ed)

Master of Desolation: The Reminiscences of Capt. Joseph Fuller. 1980. Fuller was born on TDC and was Wm. Glass’s nephew. The account is mainly about sealing and shipwreck on Kerguelen. 349pp.

Buxton, Edmund

Island Chaplain: Tristan da Cunha 1975-1978. George Mann, 2001. 96pp, illustrated softback.

Campbell, Roy

Adamastor. 1930. Collection of poems by S.A. poet inc. “Tristan da Cunha” – “You hissed a great cinder from the ocean..” 108pp.

Campbell, Roy

Collected Poems. 1981. Intro. By Marcia Leveson. Softback 123pp.

Carmichael, Capt D

Description of the Island of Tristan da Cunha. Dec 1817. Typescript from original in Linnean Library. 28pp. (Day 266).

Christensen, Lars

Such is the Antarctic. 1935. Norwegian Exp. to the Antarctic in 1930s inc visits to TDC, Gough and Bouvet which lead to Christopherson exp to TDC. 265pp, very well illus.

Christopherson Erling

Tristan da Cunha: Den Ensomme Oy.. 1938. Norwegian first ed. 204pp, illus. Contains 49 photos (only 24 in English ed) plus 28 small woodcuts at each chapter head also not in English ed.

Christopherson Erling

Results of the Norwegian Expedition 1937-38.

Report 2 – Dunne, Volcanology of the Tristan da Cunha Group. 1941. 145pp, illus.

Report 5 – Henriksen & Oeding, Medical Survey of TDC. 147pp, illus., paper covers (tape repaired).

Report 9 – Baardseth, The Marine Algae of TDC. 174pp, illus.

Report 12 – Sivertsen, Fishes of TDC. 44pp. Illus., paper covers.

Report 16 – Dons, On Some Marine Sedentary Protozoans from TDC. 16pp. Illus., paper covers.

Report 17 – Brinck, Coleoptera of the TDC Group. 121pp. Illus.

Report 18 – Cleve-Euler, Litoral Diatoms from TDC. 30pp. Illus. paper covers.

Report 19 – Stephensen, The Amphipoda of TDC. 61pp. Illus.

Report 20 – Hagen, Birds of TDC. 248pp. Illus., paper covers.

Report 33 – Stock, Pycogonida of TDC. 13pp. Illus., paper covers. Illus.

Reports 34-35 – Lambers, Amphididae and Beier, Pseudoscorpione (latter in German). 10pp. Illus., paper covers.

Report 39 – Lawrence, Chilopoda of TDC. 13pp.

Report 53 – Ascidians from the Tristan da Cunha Group of Islands by R H Millar. 13pp, illus.

Carmichael, Capt D

Description of the Island of Tristan da Cunha. Dec 1817. Typescript from original in Linnean Library. 28pp. (Day 266).

Cooper, Gordon

Isle of Romance and Mystery. 1949. Includes TDC 15pp, Pitcairn 7pp, S. Georgia, Easter Island etc. Each island illus.180pp.

Crabb, George

The History and Postal History of Tristan da Cunha.1980. Vast detail. Profusely illustrated. 347pp. A4 ringbound. (Day 703).

Crawford, Allan

Penguins, Potatoes and Postage Stamps. Nelson 2000. A personal chronicle of a lifetime’s involvement with the stamps, history and people of TDC. 160pp, illus.

Davidson, B

Postal Taxation of Tristan da Cunha’s Mail. 3 articles extracted from SG Stamp Monthly (Sept-Nov 1979) with copy of letter from SG to the author.

du Baty, R

15,000 Miles in a Ketch. Nelson. c1910. First ed. 348pp. 8 illus.

Earle, A

Narrative of a Residence in New Zealand. Journal of a Residence in Tristan da Cunha. 1966 OUP reprint. Intro by E H McCormick. 270pp, illus

Edinburgh, The Duke of

Birds from Britannia. 1962. 1956 & 1959 world tours. Mainly S.Atlantic – Deception, Gough, TDC, St H. 62pp, map/ photos.

Falke Ronne A

Back to Tristan. 1967. Story of the re-settlement 149pp, illustrated.

Gane, D

Tristan da Cunha: an Empire Outpost and its Keepers with Glimpses of its Past and Considerations of its Future. 1932. 173pp, illus.

Green, Lawrence

Eight Bells at Salamander. 1960. Strong on both Gough and TDC also Bouvet with numerous other sea stories. 266pp, illus.

Green, Lawrence

Almost Forgotten Never Told. 1965. The Cape coast and its connections with chap on TDC, St H refs etc. 292pp, illus.

Greig, A M

Fate of the Blenden Hall East Indiaman. Red leather bound photocopy produced in facsimile format of 1847 ed. 210pp.

Groves, Eric W

Vascular Plant Collections from the Tristan da Cunha Group of Islands. 1981. Bulletin of the Natural History Museum Botany Seried Vol 8 No4 pp 333-420. In card covers. Maps, illus. inc. a very interesting history of plant collecting on the islands.

Harris, Zinnie

Further than the Furthest Thing. Faber 2000. A play about the 1961 eruption performed in London during 2000. 174 pp softback.

Harwood, David

Alert to Danger. 1969. Nine rescue stories inc TDC after the eruption. 150pp, illus.

Helyer, P and Swales, M

Bibliography of Tristan da Cunha. Nelson 1998. Attempted list of everything written on TDC. 10 years to compile. 175pp, softback.

Holdgate, M

Mountains in the Sea: The Story of the Gough Island Expedition. 1958. Travel book club ed. 222pp, illustrated.

Holtby, Winifred

The Astonishing Island: Being A Veracious Record of the Experiences Undergone by Robinson Lippingtree Mackintosh from Tristan da Cunha During an Accidental Visit to an Unknown Territory… 1933. 184pp, illus.

Hosegood, Nancy

The Glass Island. 1964. Before and after the volcano. Fiction blended with fact. 192pp, 14 illustrations. (Day 474).

Humphries, Nigel

So This is Tristan da Cunha: A Photoguide of the World’s Loneliest Island. 24pp, booklet. 1964.

Jenkins, Geoffrey

A Grue of Ice. 1962. Adventure novel based on Tristan, Bouvet and mythical Thompson Island. 320pp.

La Ferla & Green P

Tristan da Cunha Big Book. 1996. A listing of the families and ancestors of the population of TDC. 110pp, ringbound.

Lajolo A and Lombardi G

Tristan da Cunha the Legendary Island. M.Marinaro 1999. Text English/Italian. 149pp. High quality colour photos. Softback.

Linklater, Eric

The Voyage of the Challenger. 1972. Chap+9 illus on Inaccessible/ TDC+ Stoltenhoff rescue. 288pp, illus. softback.

Macclesfield Courier

24.4.1824 A New Colony. “22 people living in great happiness… on TDC”. 9 col cm in complete issue.

Mackay, J A and Crabb, G F

Tristan da Cunha: Its Postal History and Philately. 1965. Author published. 72pp ringbound, illustrated.

Mackay, Margaret

Angry Island: The Story of Tristan da Cunha (1506-1963). 1963. 288pp, illustrated.

The Mail

Tristan da Cunha 8.6.1921 Letter to the editor of the Times from Douglas Gane discussing appointment of Rev Rogers. 19 col cm.

Marsh, John H

No Pathway Here. 1948. S.African occupation of Marion and Prince Edward islands aided by A.Crawford & Tristanians. 200pp, 24 illus.

Milner John and Brierly, Oswald

The Cruise of HMS Galatea Captain HRH Duke of Edinburgh in 1867-68. 1869 1st ed. Account of Duke’s visit to the colonies and TDC which is well described with colour print. 487pp, illus. folding map.

Morrell Benjamin

A Narrative of Four Voyages to the South Sea, N & S Pacific, Chinese Sea, Ethiopic and Southern Atlantic, Indian and Antarctic Ocean 1822-1831. Gregg Press 1970 reprint of 1832 edition. 492pp

Moseley, H N

Notes by A Naturalist Made During The Voyage of HMS Challenger. 1944 ed. Good description of TDC, also Asc, Falklands and sub-Antarctic islands. 540pp, illustrated.

Munch, Peter

Crisis in Utopia. 1971. Effects of the evacuation on the community. 324pp, 28 photos.(Day 469). US ed.

Munch, Peter

The Song Tradition of Tristan da Cunha. Indiana Univ 1970. 176pp Illustrated. (Day 656).

Nichol, M.J.

Three Voyages of a Naturalist: Many Little Known Islands in Three Oceans Visited by the Valhalla RYS. 1909 revised ed. TDC, S Trinidad, St Paul’s Rocks, Easter, Pitcairn ++. 246pp, 79 photos, 4 maps.

Peck, Richard

Handbook of Modern Tristan da Cunha Philately: Part 1 Stamps and Stationery.1992 (revised). Detailed account of QE2 stamp issues. Ringbound A4 softback. 204pp, illus.

Peck, Richard

Handbook of Modern Tristan da Cunha Philately: Part 2 Postal History and Cinderellas1992. Information on covers, PCs etc. Well illus. Ringbound A4 softback. 188pp.

Peck, Richard

Handbook of Tristan da Cunha Update 1992-2001. 2002. Updates both vol 1 and 2. 30 pp illus ringbound.

Peck, Richard

Social Philately: Letters From the Loneliest Island in the World. 1991. Letters and TDC ephemera. Ringbound A4 softback. 142pp.

Ridgway, J

When We Sailed Away: A Family Adventure 1996. Calls at TDC, Falklands, S Georgia. 336pp illus.

Rogers, Rose

The Lonely Island. 1926. 1st ed. 223pp, 28 photos. (Day 112). Inscribed and small rubber stamped.

Rosenthal, Eric

Shelter From The Spray. 1952. The Stoltenhoff brothers on Inaccessible. 212pp, illus.

Seligman, Adrain

The Voyage of the Cap Pilar. 1947 ed. Includes 4 day mail stop at TDC (2 chaps). (Day 119) 320pp, 11 illus, 13 maps.

Seligman, A

The Voyage of the Cap Pilar. Seafarer 1993. Includes 4 day mail stop at TDC (2 chaps). 356pp, illus softback.

Schilder, Gunter

Voyage to the Great South Land: Willem de Vlamingh 1696-1697. 1985. Pub. Royal Austrailian Historical Society 1985 from Dutch translation. Contains detailed illustrated account from original of de Vlamingh’s early exploration of TDC and also Amsterdam and St Paul islands. 259pp, illustrated.

Schreier, Daniel

Isolation and Language Change: Contemporary and Sociohistorical Evidence from Tristan da Cunha English. Palgrave 2003. An academic study of the Tristan dialect. 237pp.

Schreier, D & Lavarello-Schreier, K

Tristan da Cunha, History, People, Language. Battlebridge 1992. A layman’s guide to the island, the community and its dialect. 88p, illustrated.

Smith, Rozell C

The Ships of Tristan da Cunha. Vol 1 1986 Lifeline of A Lonely Island. Vol 2 1994 A History of the Mails. Ringbound illus. 2 vols

Stanley Gibbons

Tristan da Cunha: The Jack Cole Collection. Auction catalogue 30.10.1998. 90pp with prices realised.

Stanley Gibbons

All World Featuring the “Edinburgh” Collection of Tristan da Cunha. 1987. Auction catalogue for the Boetie Davidson collection.

Taylor, Robin

Tristan da Cunha Monograph – Vol 1 1939-1942. Private 2001. Reports, letters and postal history. First in forthcoming series of six. Ringbound A4 softback. 102pp, colour illustrated.

Taylor, Robin

Tristan da Cunha Monograph – Vol 2 1943-1946. Private 2002. Reports, letters and postal history. The story of HMS Atlantic Isle plus more. Ringbound A4 softback. 120pp, colour illustrated.

Taylor, Robin

Tristan da Cunha Monograph – Vol 3 S.P.G. 1930-1973. Hurricane relief special Limited Edition of 100. Reproduction of all SPG newsletters with colour illus. 134pp. Ringbound A4 softback.

Taylor, Robin

Tristan da Cunha Monograph – Vol 4 1946-1948. Private 2002. Special Limited Edition of 100. Illus.114pp. Ringbound A4 softback.

Taylor, Robin

Tristan da Cunha Monograph – Vol 5 1948 “Venture Survey”. Private 2003. Special Limited Edition of 100. Illus.112pp. Ringbound A4 softback. Covers the lobster survey.

Taylor, Robin

Tristan da Cunha Monograph – Vol 6 Jan 1950-Dec1951. 2003. Special Limited Edition of 100. Illus.132pp. Ringbound A4 softback.

Taylor, Rev William F

The Utmost Parts of the Earth: Some Account of the Settlement of Tristan da Cunha…. 1856. Photocopy 90pp.

Thompson, Sir Wyville

The Voyage of the Challenger: The Atlantic. 1st ed in 2 vols. 1877 396pp & 424pp. 28 plates & maps. 35pp on TDC inc 3 plates, 3 woodcuts, 2 maps. Also covers Falklands (39pp), Ascension (8pp), St Pauls Rocks (8pp) + much more.

Times Weekly Edition

21.10.1904. Announcement that the Pandora will call at TDC. Instructions for sending post, gifts etc. 5 col cm.

Van Ryssen W J

The Birds of the Tristan da Cunha Group and Gough Island. Repnt of 1976 Capetown Univ pub. 31pp, illus, A5 card covers.

Wace, N

The Discovery of Oceanic Islands in the South Atlantic by the Portuguese During the Sixteenth Century. Complete copy (214pp) of Portuguese Stud. Rev. Vol 8 No 1. 1999-2000. Article 31pp, illus.

Watt, Duncan

Trouble on Tristan. Tynron, 1991 p-back. Fictional adventure on Inaccessible/RMS. 3rd in S. Atlantic trilogy. 216pp, illus.

Woolley, John

Deliver Me From Safety. Wilton 65,1994. Personal view of 1982 Denstone exp. to Inaccessible. Softback. 206pp illus.

Zetterstein Arne

The English of Tristan da Cunha. Lund Studies in English. 1969. In card covers (rather toned) as published. 179pp plus 3 maps.


Tristan Isle of Contentment, Nov 1938, WR Foran. 24p/23 illus. (Day 117).

New Life for Loneliest Isle, Jan 1950, L.Lewis, 12pp & 15 illus. (Day 609).

Death of an Island, May 1962, P.J.F.Wheeler, 20pp & 17 illus. (Day 472).

Return to Lonely Tristan, Jan 1964, J.P.Blair, 22pp & 29 illus. (Day 473).


Gough Island by M Holdgate, Mar 1957 with colour illus in vol from May ‘56-Apr ‘57


Genetic Evolution in an Isolated Population. DF Roberts Spring 1979. 17pp, illus. Genetic examination of the TDC population. Off print.


TDC Continued Volcanic Activity. 6.1.1962. Single page.

Royal Society’s Expedition. 7.4.1962. Full page + text.

Returning Home. 23.3.1963. 1/6th page photo of islanders on the Amazon.


Island Hopping, Mar 2000, Ted Botha. Description of RMS visit and island. 7pp, illus


The Eruption of Tristan da Cunha. M W Holdgate. Sept 1962. 2.5 pp


The Denstone Expedition to Inaccessible Island. Nov 1985. M.Swales. 4pp, 1 map.

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